Nůž ~ Pronounced “nou-ge”  

Nuz knives do right by you and the planet.

Made in New Zealand with sustainable materials, they’re affordable, stylish, and designed to last.  

People in workshop

Designed for life, wherever it takes you 

Pohutukawa whispering in the wind, the warble of tui in the trees, the gentle crash of waves on the beach – and a cosy wooden house on a hill, winding down for the day. Dinner on the table, the smell of fresh strawberries, kids jostling to take their seats.  

Nuz makes knives to fit this classic Kiwi picture – created with old-school craftsmanship, and consideration for our beautiful natural environment. Made in New Zealand using sustainable materials, these are knives that you can use over and over, no matter where life takes you. 

Taking a deep knowledge of knife-making in a new direction 

Nuz was founded in 2019, but its roots go much deeper. Founder Madison Baker has knife-making in her DNA – back in 1983, her father started knife brand Svord. Watching her dad hand-making knives and turning his business into one of New Zealand’s best-loved hunting and fishing knife brands gave her a true appreciation for the craft. 

Although Madison didn’t plan to follow in her dad’s footsteps, it was almost inevitable. Trained as a mechanical engineer, she worked in aviation for years, before spotting a clear gap in the market between ultra-cheap, mass-produced kitchen knives and unaffordable high-end products – and the Nuz concept was born. 

Knives designed for people – and the planet 

At Nuz, we don’t make your standard kitchen knives. 

Minimising our impact on the planet is a major focus, reflected in the materials we use and our local production facility. Handles are crafted from sustainable, FSC-certified  timber, while blades are made using recycled sawblades. They’re all produced at our factory in Waiuku, Auckland, which helps us keep a close eye on quality and reduce our transport footprint. 

Every Nuz knife is made to last – and, more importantly, to keep its edge. Our limited-edition handle designs go way beyond basic black, so there’s something for everyone. Best of all, we’ve made affordability a priority. We want people to be able to buy and use our knives at any life stage – from fledgling flatties to home cooks looking for an upgrade to people who have been using low-quality knives for decades. 

Find your edge – check out our range now.