Getting to Know The Family

Nuz is a family run business, so I thought it'd be time to introduce the family behind the brand. 

Introducing Bryan Baker, the Co-Founder & Master Cutler behind Nuz.

Bryan Baker making knives
Simplicity is at the heart of Nuz design. When designing the Nuz knife, Bryan found a balance between functionality and simplicity; creating a knife that does more with less.

With 40 years of experience in the knife making industry, Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge on traditional knife making techniques to Nuz.

Bryan finds joy in the simple things in life; exploring and taking photos of Aotearoa with his old school cameras, a good cup of coffee and sitting down to read a good book.

Introducing Madison Baker, the Co-Founder & CEO at Nuz.

Madison Baker
Sustainability is a core pillar for Nuz. When designing the Nuz knives, Madison wanted to ensure the materials used were either recycled or from sustainable sources. All emissions generated in the production process are offset, resulting in a product that doesn't cost the earth.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Madison brings experience in manufacturing and business management.

When she's not running Nuz, Madison enjoys exploring Aotearoa; hiking and travelling with friends. Passionate about the outdoors, she wants to ensure protecting New Zealand's natural environment forms an important pillar of Nuz.

Introducing Kelsey Baker, the Cutler behind the manufacturing of Nuz knives.

 Kelsey Baker

Kelsey has a keen eye for detail and loves working with products that are sustainable and not harmful to the environment.

Quality is a core pillar for Nuz so when someone recieves a handmade knife she hopes this resonates and makes them think about the craft that went into it. Growing up her father would come home smelling of metal dust and the workshop she is familiar with now. Inspired and following in his footsteps she began making knives.

Outside of work Kelsey enjoys sewing and reworking old coffee sacks, exploring the beautiful scenery of her home and having a good old laugh with her mates.
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